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w Taimoor Rana SOEN490#01(9) JusticeAI

Description: Weekly meeting for Capstone Project Room -03

Project Name: JusticeAI
Contact Person: Taimoor Rana

Mihai Damaschin
Mark Snidal
Arek Manoukian
Samuel Campbell
Taimoor Rana
Lance Lafontaine
Sylvain Czyzewski
Zhipeng Cai
Alessandro Power
Date: Friday, September 22, 2017
Repeat Type: Weekly;Days=FR;Until=11/11/2017 00:00
Time: 15:30-19:30 EDT
Duration: 4 hours
Category: 490SOEN*
Created by: H961-3 Capstone Room ( by Raymond Bruton )
Updated: Friday, November 10, 2017 12:03 EST
Send Reminder: Yes  -  1 day 0 hour 0 minutes before start
Participants: H961-3 Capstone Room
alessandrojpower (External User)
cys0919 (External User)
hotpoint (External User)
lancelafontaine (External User)
Manoukian.arek (External User)
mark.snidal (External User)
mihaiqc (External User)
Samuel.pcampbell (External User)
sylvain.czyzewski (External User)
taimoorrana1 (External User)

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